Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 103) We Don’t Have Time to Hurry

Reader Interactions


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet story. I think this suits me today. I’m headed to Knoxville tomorrow for 10 days to help my daughter who had surgery. I’m nervous. Anxious. Lists for my lists. I need the break. I miss my daughter.

  2. Yup, I often have to go back and edit things when reading comments on my FB.
    I like that,— “We don’t have time to hurry!!!!”
    Dad just dropped off a prescription at Walmart. And I hope he doesn’t get home too soon. the just called me to tell me the prescription was ready, … Ha ha. Next week he will have his own phone.

  3. Lois, Ginny, Mom… thanks so much for reading my musings. I’m glad you like them. It’s so nice, when you tell a story, to have people pull up a chair and listen with interest.

  4. I really enjoyed your story (as I “always” do), really pulled at my heartstrings and bought tears to my eyes. Memories, aren’t they wonderful! For me they keep our loved ones who have sinced passed close in our thoughts and hearts! Thank you so “very” much for your wonderful stories, love them ALL!!!, God’s Blessings Always, Love and Prayers for you all! Sincerely, Cindy Sharpe P.S. I “always” have to proof read my writing’s because I am always making plenty of mistakes, I would say probably due to having Dyslexia and Adult ADHD and my age (61 lol)!

  5. Cindy–so good to hear from you again. I hope you all are doing well. It makes me happy to know that you read and enjoy my stories. Don’t worry about the little mistakes. It’s just great to hear from you. God’s best.

  6. I remember hay baling days on our horse farm. I wanted to help, but because I was a girl (and a short one to boot!!) Daddy put me in charge of driving the tractor or truck that pulled the hay wagon and it had to be driven at a regular pace and smooth enough to not knock the stacking guys off their balance. I felt special when I did my job well.