Bittersweet Farm Journal | September 1, 2021 | Inevitable Injuries

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  1. Ken, keep the Flack’s in your prayers as Joelene will be going to court to tell the judge what she has went through with our grandson’s mom. Pray that God will help her to say the right things as she speaks and reveals her heart.

  2. Hi Ken and Lois,
    Your newest grandie, June, is a little precious doll! May she grow up to be a strong woman of God, a bold witness for Jesus Christ!

  3. Your sweet little grandbaby June is adorable, blessings to her and your family. My heart is burdened for my families souls, they have asked Jesus in their hearts, however, I am not seeing them live for Him!, Not judging, just grieved in my spirit. Dale has been off on medical since the end of December, he has health issues mostly do to being a diesel mechanic for close to 44 years, we are praying he will be able to receive disability Lord willing, God has been gracious to us and is sutaining us through the waiting. However since he’s be off their had been a lot of tension and strife in our marriage (of 43 years), unbearable at times, mostly my issues but some his too (communication problems and I have been having a lot of stress, (anxiety and insomnia I am taking meds for it). Our grandson (Dale lll) has graduated and wants to join the Navy to work on jet engines (to be a mechanic like his papa and dad). His girlfriend wants him to wait for her to graduate next year before joining, and he is, the plan is to marry and she will be joining him after training), I am really praying it is the Lord’s will for both and mostly God’s protection and provision on their lives. Thank you for your offer to pray for those in need (i know their has to be so many), I truly appreciate it, and I will do the same as “always” for you and yours, and also praying God’s blessings and favor on you all, Sincerely and with much love, Cindy Sharpe

  4. Cindy. Keep praying. Keep loving. Keep being an example. Strengthen your faith and hope by keeping yours roots down in the Bible and the promises of God. Live with a song in your heart. Pour out your soul to God. Be faithful in the fellowship of God’s people. Be sure you have a friend or two who will strengthen you in the Lord. One day we will be glad forever that we walked with the Lord. Thanks for staying in touch.