Bittersweet Farm Journal | October 14, 2021 | A Quiet Place

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these lovely photographs and watercolor paintings of Bittersweet Farm! What a gorgeous area you reside in!

  2. Beautiful and peaceful. The photos taken from far above Bittersweet are interesting. Like you, I take advantage of and enjoy the early morning hours to study scripture, pray, and drink hot beverages.

    All of the above prepare (more like fortify!!) me and are essential before turning on the electronics. Sometime disturbing things come during the night to my email box and phone text messages. Time spent with the Lord first helps me to be strong and wise in preparation for whatever awaits me.

  3. Barbara. You are right. Sometimes a text or bit of news can really distract you from what you should be setting your heart on first thing in the morning. Thanks for staying in touch and reading the news and such from out on Bittersweet. A friend came over with a drone last fall and took the overhead pictures. They are a treasure. I have a video too. I will try to post it soon.