Bittersweet Farm Journal | June 13, 2022 | A Woman’s Touch

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  1. just read your piece about a woman’s touch.
    Brought tears to my eyes as I think of my Bob who always wanted to come home from Arbor North.
    I’m sure he had the same thoughts as you, but he didn’t express them like you did.
    A Woman’s Touch is what he missed the most. Mine! After 25 years together, things become routine and taken for granted. Our lives changed after I had a stroke March, 2019. i could not take care of the both of us. Arbor North would do everything for Bob and I didn’t have to worry. Just make sure the bill was paid every month.
    Bob is gone now, but he is back home in a white box sitting on dresser in guest room. It was a tough 3 plus years on this health ride he was on.
    I’m still an emotional wreck some days. Others, I’m OK. Such a permanent feeling of Bob isn’t up the street at Arbor North. If phone rings certain times, I think he is calling.
    I don’t know how long this mourning is going to take, but I have to go through it.
    I know Bob is in a better spot and that makes me smile. I don’t think they make peanutbutter cookies, so no woman’s touch!

  2. Lois. Good to hear from you, even though it is a sad thought. Good you have a tender heart. May God comfort you as only he can. Hope to see you again soon when you can get out.. Blessings. Ken