Christmas in the Shadowlands | Bittersweet Farm Journal | December 25, 2022

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  1. I have just watched the video of your church hymn sing on November 13th. I guess the hymns many of us grew up with are timeless and universal. None were unfamiliar, but ‘Once For All’ did seem to have a different arrangement; still liked it. And, your quartet was very good. My husband formed a Southern Gospel Quartet (The Jubilee Quartet) which sang for several years and disbanded for no particular reason, other than everyone just got too busy to continue. I was the Sound Tech and tried to make them always sound good, but not too loud. We sang, mostly, in small country churches and had a great time; country ladies are the best cooks. So many churches, today, seldom include the old hymns. Don’t get me wrong; I really like most of the Praise and Worship songs, but I like a little sprinkling of the hymns occasionally. My husband plays bass on our Praise Team and he is definitely the ‘old guy’ in the group. I was raised Baptist and now attend a Congregational Methodist Church and see little difference in doctrine. After all, we all worship the same God Who never changes. Times change, but the Gospel and the method never changes.