Bittersweet Farm Journal | June 8, 2021 | The Last Two Chapters

Reader Interactions


  1. I love the candles even thou for fire safety rules I do not burn them, I thoroughly enjoy the fragrances… thank you sweet Lois… what an amazing message on our “Future Home”. .. and the sweet phone conversations….

  2. I have just completed reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I didn’t grow up on a farm and didn’t live in the country until I was 19 years old and lived there for 21 years, I felt myself right there with you thru your stories. We had a lot of land and I loved getting out and just walking in the woods, enjoying God’s nature. One winter, we had a rare snow and the woods were beautiful. I thought of Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. I miss that time.

  3. Sue. Thanks for reading my book and taking time to write. I think we all have a little farm and a little country in us. Blessings, sister.