Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 90) Coles Pond | Walden, Vermont

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  1. That should be a definite trip as soon as possible. Snow comes soon. Dress warm and see all the country you can see. God created it all. My BIL met a retired caption and he recorded it in Maine. Beautiful stories of the Ocean there.

  2. Great story Ken. I would definitely make that trip to Vermont. Love your writings. And your Sunday stories. Everything is so picturesque when you speak.
    The Other Lois

  3. Hi Ken,

    I’m not sure Canada is allowing visitors yet for tourism. Great thought! Just might have to be US only.

  4. The loon is so beautiful, thank you for sharing the picture also of your maple trees, I enjoy them all. I really enjoy God’s creation, my husband and I often drive our Mustang down Hines drive. Something we use to do, but separately, before we even knew each other (many moons ago lol), except for in the beginning of our marriage he had a motorcycle and we cruised it once together then, (we will be married 42 years next Wednesday.) We see God’s nature, and deers, I got to see a fawn feeding from his or her mother, it was so amazingly beautiful to me. We see the Canadian geese, ducks, dogs and horses not to mention a lot of people too, and the Wayne County Mounted Horse stable is at Newburgh. And the long and winding roads remind me of being in the country up north Michigan and Tennessee, (where my grandpa was from.) It would be really nice if you and Lois could take that trip, it will be a beautiful one and you will have many more stories to tell and more great memories too!

  5. Oh you must go visit him. What a blessing that would be. My hubby and I love in the south, and we’ve traveled thru NE several times. It is beautiful. My husband was stricken with a rare brain disorder in his 50s, and I’m carrying for him, so no more travels for us. That’s why I tell people – see God’s handiwork while you can. You never know what the next day holds. He knows, but we don’t! So go and enjoy while you can.
    Love reading your stories.