Bittersweet Journal (Number 36) My Shadowy Past

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  1. Yes, that’s our “Kenny”… We praise the Lord that as ornery he was, as much Halloween candy I cleaned up from under the bed, as loud he talks at the restaurant, as many toys he broke, He never broke our hearts.

    He once said to us, “I don’t agree with you but I want to obey with a right heart attitude.” I will always remember that day and how God has used every bit of those characteristics to lift that voice in praise, I still think he should sing more solos. (Ha Ha) That is because I know it comes from deep down in his heart.

    Those stories he tells today as he shares God’s word in his own “parable-like stories” has truly made a huge difference in many lives for Christ.

    He still loves his two ‘little’ brothers and his ‘big’ sister completely and I never have to make them stand in the middle of the room and hug for a minute. As a matter of fact our times of goodbyes these days often when we are saying ‘goodbye’ some of the children come around for a second, or third hug.

    I want to go on record to say, I praise God every day for what He has done in the Life of this Man of God. All glory to Jesus…