The Call of the Loon

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  1. So true…and for a Minnesota boy, that wild cry touches a part of you deep inside. It reminds you of days with your dad spent miles from civilization deep in the Boundary Waters. There’s something to be said for the freedom felt of being so utterly dettached from the pressing scramble of post-modern American life. Just you, the perfect blue sky, rthe pure water, the wind, and the sweet whisper of the giant pines. God was very good to let us have all this.

  2. Pretty soon I hope…last day of this job tomorrow, I will probably move back to Minnesota early next week. If you think of it I would be grateful for your prayers that I would pass the tests with faith as I head back. I believe God is doing good things and trust that He goes before me, but it is scary because if things don’t go “well” I end up looking like the big idiot. But whatever the case I want God’s way to be manifest in my life.