My Bank

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  1. I enjoyed reading The Bank very much.We have a little Bank that looks like a mailbox we keep change in it. So one day our two small grandsons were over for a visit and they played with it and the oldest one asked his poppy if he could have the silver coins..which of course poppy gave them to him for helping me put the dishes away. He said his little brother could have the copper coins. Times have changed I probably would have wanted the copper ones.

  2. I am glad you opened your blog for comments; I hope others will notice the addition and comment occasionally. 🙂

    I also had a bank when I was growing up in the shape of a huge pig. I only saved Kennedy 50- cent pieces, and boy did I have a ton of them! It was fun, but for the life of me I can’t remember what I ended up purchasing with my loot!

  3. I enjoyed the bank story VERY MUCH! I never thought of ‘owning’ a bank that way! The greatest thing a parent can give a child is WISDOM. You are an inspiration to ‘we’ who read your newsletters. Thanks for ‘sharing’ this WISDOM from Our Heavenly Father! ~ ~ ~ Jean Lewis