Ken Pierpont

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Hats off to Handy Men

You should always respect people for their God-given gifts and skills. Every person has a set of attitudes. Every believer has a special gifting from the Holy Spirit. If you want to function well as a couple or have a happy family or harmonious church, learn to respect one-another’s bents and aptitudes and gifts and […]

Social Media

I hear a lot of people who complain about social media—you know—Facebook, Twitter, etc. I know social media can be used for bad things. I know many are suspicious social media are a waste of time and create friction between people. I’m sure they can and do… because the people who use them are sinners […]

Omahoma Bob’s BBQ

If you ever have a reason to be in our near Wooster, Ohio. You want to arrange to do it on an empty stomach so you can satisfy your appetite at a quaint little spot on the town square called Omahoma Bob’s BBQ. It is tucked in the southwest corner of the town square in […]

Holmes County

This evening we are in Holmes County, Ohio. Lois has a wedding and I worked hard to have a day off to enjoy some of my favorite old places in the beautiful Ohio Amish Country. I’ll be in the Evangel pulpit twice on Sunday. Chuk is helping her shoot the wedding so we decided to […]

Don’t Trifle

I was just finishing some yard work when I saw a Hispanic man drive up in a pick-up truck. A young man was with him, later I found out it was his son. I smiled and waved, he smiled a waved back. They unloaded some equipment and went to work. I finished packing my things […]


Ten inches of snow fell last night from about 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon to about midnight. I had some shoveling to do. There were ten inches in the Granville Cottage driveway. I dragged my heals getting going reading news on my iPad and then warmed-up the car and went to the gym like a sleigh-ride. […]