Up in Flames Fast

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  1. I have suffered lately, probably more so than I have in a long time, but my relationship to the Lord is getting richer and sweeter by the minute. I have no money. I have no worldly success. My mom, my best friend, is dying. I have a very rebellious son who steals from me constantly. I am going to say that by all appearances, I am a total fail in this life. This is the son that I had in faith to God trusting Him for my family. And yet, my walk with God keeps getting richer and richer. My suffering is suffering with Christ. It is hard but it is where the fruit is and it is things that I wouldn’t choose for myself ever!

    The key to everything in God is faith. Nothing we do can give us the grace we need to draw close to God or to do the next right thing; only faith can give us that. We get more faith by the Word. We thus receive grace through that and we receive more grace by trusting God while we’re suffering and not giving up.

    I am putting all my faith in His righteousness in me and this not of myself. Still suffering can be discouraging and yet, I am not taken over by it because of this grace.

    I have gotten so much revelation in the last few years just by obediently witnessing. I have learned and grown more in the last 6 years than I have in all years previous because I finally understand the message. It is an exciting time, Pastor Pierpont. God is pouring out His Spirit. Be encouraged!! God is giving us the answers!!
    Many blessings,

  2. Yesterday I was saying to Bob Casement after classhow God is so good at weaving His word into our lives when we need it.

    This last couple weeks I have been reading Deut. to get a review of the Old Testiment. The 6th chapter is such a life changing message when we listen to it. LOVE GOD with all you are.

    Friday as I walked, listing to my MP3, a message of yours from 2008 came on. Not sure how it even got downloaded on there! The message, “The Master Key” , LOVE GOD with all you are.

    Sunday Bob was covering the last chapter of James, the main point, LOVE God in all you do.

    Today, after finishing my prayer time in which I was asking God to help me live like the Ps. 1 man, watered by the stream of living water, I decided to check face book, and seeing your post, took time to read it. There it is again, the Ps. 1 man! Isn’t God amazing!

    I thank Him every day for you and the other pastors, for your hearts for the Lord and for His people.