Reader Interactions


  1. WOW! That was a very neat little television program…and it’s very cool that we can watch it in Michigan! The girls sounded wonderful!! I especially loved the last song “You’re Still God”. What a simple truth that we need to be reminded of daily. God has definitely gifted your girls greatly and I look forward to hearing how the month of June goes for them in this very awesome ministry!

  2. I had the joy of listening and looking through the eyes of Jennifer Nathan’s wife and her mom.

    I was chatting with her mom (Dawn) and I suggested she might want to listen to the girls…. then Jen came on line and I suggested the same to her.

    I could not get it because of my slow dial-up.

    Jen and her mom gave me a blow by blow description, naming the songs they sang, about the testimony given, about their beautiful smiles and voices, what they were wearing, the color of their eyes and their hair styles.

    Wasn’t that sweet of them to take their time for me.

    Thank you Lord, for chats with daughters, friends and grandchildren.

    Hugs and Kisses from grandma.