Learning to Honor God’s Law

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  1. I just wanted you to know I delighted in this post and had never heard of Eric Lidell myself. I was reared in a home where the Lord’s Day was kept, and to this day, I feel convicted that it was and is the right thing to do. I believe there’s more than one reason why God set this day apart for us as such. Even as a homemaker, I try to keep Sunday labors to a minimum so I can worship the Lord, rest and enjoy the family life with which He has blessed me. Thanks for this post!

  2. The story of Eric Lidell is a key part of the movie Chariots of Fire… highly recommended.

  3. I really liked that post because I didn’t grow up in a home that always spent Sundays going to church. Now I wish I would have. I loved that story of Eric Lidell because most people wouldn’t give up the olympics for their faith, and I love that he did. That’s inspirational.