Ken Pierpont

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Xander August Long

We are here on Oregon’s North Coast to celebrate the birth of the baby and to be a help. I’m reading through Luke’s Gospel in preparation for telling the stories surrounding Jesus’ birth. So it’s neat to be among people welcoming and nurturing a baby up close and personal. We welcomed eight babies, four sons […]

I Look for Water

This morning we drove away from the Pacific north coast of Oregon and into the coastal range of the Cascades. We were headed for an old logging camp converted into a rustic restaurant sitting on a river called Humbug Creek. The restaurant is constructed of huge logs and decorated with fascinating relics from the longing […]

The Power of An Invitation (Audio)

One of the simplest ways to powerfully influence another is with a sincere invitation… The Power of An Invitation Bethel Church | Jackson, Michigan November 12, 2023 AM Pastor Ken Pierpont