Delight in Jesus


Every day in which I do not delight in Jesus is a waste–worse, it is a scandal, a tragedy, a perversion of God’s beautiful design for life. When I don’t delight in Jesus my life is distorted, I am in danger and vulnerable to temptation and confusion. I’m like a fish on the bank in […]

A Week on Lincoln Lake

Sunset on Lincoln Lake

This morning I am writing in a lodge overlooking a large quiet lake about an hour northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jim Lockwood is the director here. Tom Shaw is the director of operations. Micah Steiner is the director of ministries. Joel Schmuland is the program director. Forty-eight years ago I spent a week here […]

Speaking at Lincoln Lake

Lincoln Lake

This is where I started camping when I was eight years old… This week I am speaking to a great group of 150 Junior Campers! They are a lively but attentive bunch. Please pray if you think of us. Pray that I will make the gospel clear to their little hearts and that God will […]

Five Ways to War Against Sin

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On Sunday evening, July 20, 2015 I gathered some ideas that have been helpful to me in my struggle against my own sin and shared them with Evangel. Here they are for you. I hope they are a help as you struggle against “…the lusts which wage war against the soul…”