The Sovereignty and Providence of God

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In this message I address some of the issues believers will face as the nation officially turns away from God. Series: Knowing God by Heart Title: The Sovereignty and Providence of God Place: Evangel Baptist Church-Taylor, Michigan Date: June 28, 2105 11:00AM Speaker: Pastor Ken Pierpont

A Unique Way to Impress Beautiful Women


A classic re-post from 2004 I noticed one day… I suppose my children pointed it out to me a special quality that gummy bears have. If you lick them and throw them they will stick to almost anything. If you lick them and throw them you can stick them to the ceiling. You can throw […]

What Do You Love?


Drinking some stout, flavorful full-kick pour-over to jump start some writing this afternoon. I surfed over to Kyle’s site to read a post he had written about coffee. I noticed this on our first-born son Kyle’s bio…. thought it made heart-warming reading… It’s a growing list of things he loves: Jesus, coffee, my wife, my […]


troubled home

A classic re-post from 2008 This morning we were driving through Toledo during the morning rush hour. Suddenly the traffic on the interstate came to a complete stop. We expected construction or an accident but the problem was that somehow a dog had wandered across five lanes of traffic and a busy merging lane. He […]

Stonebridge Newsletter-Farewell Edition


Stonebridge Newsletter-Final Edition (Number 600) Kenneth L. Pierpont ——————————- Hello Stonebridge Faithful; I have written my way to a significant milestone today. This is Stonebridge Newsletter Number 600. When I exercise I walk. I wish I had discovered the virtues of a good walk years ago. I used to run. Just a few years ago […]

Summer 2015 Reading List

Big Libraries

It is my ambition to read these books this summer. I am also working hard on writing a book this summer, pastoring the church, and speaking at Camp Barakel, Lincoln Lake, The Springs, and Spring Hill camps and a couple other places. We will see how far my ambition can carry me in the next […]