Overshadowed !


One day I told my little brother that his song made me feel sad. He looked so hurt. It was a favorite of my Grandpa Shipley… Nathan’s middle name is Shipley… He wrote this lilting arrangement. I love it. How desolate my life would be, How dark and drear’ my nights and days, If Jesus’ […]

Lois Writes–About Hope America

Hope America BW

Stonebridge Newsletter (Number 594) Kenneth L. Pierpont —————————- Good Monday Stonebridge Readers; Today Hope America Pierpont turned sixteen! She is the ‘baby” of the family, the tenth member, the eighth child, the fourth daughter, and the family mascot. We all adore her and always have and always will. Her birthday has landed on my quiet […]

A Smile Will Brush My Heart


I listened to John Ortberg this morning while I was walking Hazard around the pond. Ortberg has a great sense of humor. During his Easter message he said; “2000 years after Rome crucified Jesus, Christian, which is a name that means “Little Christs” number in the billions while “Little Caesars” the name of a Pizza franchise.” […]