The Pierpont Men

More Guys 09-2009

This picture was taken in September of 2009. It is one of my favorite photos–taken of four of our sons and our oldest grandson the weekend of a family camp at Camp Barakel. These men are five of the reasons I ask God every day to give me grace to live in a way that […]

My Sweet Spot


Today I rose early and after a few necessary tasks I made my way to a large Christian school and spoke in chapel. The students, faculty and parents present were attentive—a great audience. I walked away feeling like I had done some good. After lunch I had some other duties and a committee meeting. After […]

Weather is a Writer’s Friend

Mitford Bedside Companion

Jan Karon says that weather is a writer’s friend. Here is how she put it: “I find weather one of the most useful tools ever made available to an author, not to mention poets, whose work absolutely thrives on it. The Mitford novels are full of weather, and would be intolerably weak tea without it.” […]