Simple School

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  1. I worked on finding out about the school there in Chelsea, MI but they have that section closed in the library because they don’t have enough volunteers. I will continue to check this out as soon as I get feeling better.

  2. It’s me again. I forgot to ask the name of the school. It was built around 1878. It is not in Chelsea it is in Grass Lake, Michigan off Exit 150 on I-94. They had school in it till the early ’50’s.
    The guy at the The Whitetail Museum across the street from the school knows about it. He was not wanting to talk but was and then got a phone call. He may tell more if you pay the $5. for the tour of his Museum. We didn’t have time.
    His sister and brother went to the school. He must have been the youngest. He said he painted the school 25 years ago. It also has the old outhouse and water pump.
    It never did double as a chapel.
    Sorry, I didn’t find out more.