A Sad Story

Reader Interactions


  1. Mr. Williams always struck me as a man who’s life spoke volumes beyond his words. A great example for a young man to look at and gain bearings for life from.

  2. You are right. Your “cold” descriptions make me real excited about our trip to your neck of the woods two weeks from today.

  3. Work keeps me pretty tied down these days, but I think if at all possible I’d like to try to escape and spend a little bit of time with you nice fellers. Up for maybe meeting someplace in Minneapolis…dinner or whatever works in with your plans?

  4. We read Mr. William’s story to our kids Monday evening and they were shocked to think something as unChristian as segregation was ever common practice in the church. (Our oldest child is 11.) It is a sin and a shame that Christians fail, over and over, to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (and I am among them). Sometimes we need to step back and forget about what the world calls “acceptable” and look at things from Jesus’ perspective—to start, as they say, from scratch, not from where the world happens to be at right now. Thank you, Mr. Pierpont, for sharing this story. Amen and amen.