Advice from an “Older” Pastor

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  1. I never thought that I was even thinking about time till the preacher mentioned it…. We love to hear you preach and you aren’t afraid to print something most would be afraid to print. Thank you for your honesty…. Let they say, “Preach on Pastor!” If we lose 2 lb it sure isn’t going to hurt us…..

  2. Rerceived Feb 4 Evangel letter dated the 6th on the 5th,
    As to the time clock syndrome effect, one of Evangel’s Charter memers reacted adamamtly after noting a outlet box at the rear of the sanctuary above the entrance/exit doors insisting NO Clock to be placed in the Sanctuary The Lady being (Mrs. Leona Styles) and of course the present Sanctuary is also void of a Clock, Mrs. Styles and Husband Ed were avid supporters financely and Spirtual Members of Evangel, Mrs. Stiles kept Ed awake with the Elbow to the Rib. Remember (1 Peter )”But THE WORD Of The LORD ENDURETH FOREVER” Remember GOD KEEPS PERFECT TIME. This one has on several occasion has been in services where Pastor Nuttal preached even here at Evangel. The Zipper action has been observed by this person, often wondering how the Speaker or Pastor sensivity was reacting to the sound. comment C. Smalley Sr.