An Easy Target

Reader Interactions


  1. this is an odd entry. i can’t tell if you are trying to be humorous, or if you are assigning motives to other people that may or may not be true, or what…

  2. You are right! 🙂 Thanks Perry. It was meant as humor. If you were to hear me read it aloud I hope you would laugh and enjoy it. Thank you for all of you who have ever invited me to do anything with the purest of motives.

  3. Don’t worry… I thought it was very funny. A “wide-as-a- barn carcass?” :oD Of course I am married to the king of hyperbole, so I appreciate it more than most people. Seriously though, maybe you got invited because you’re fun to have around…? Just an idea. (For the record, I never liked dodge ball for the same reason!)

  4. I can relate to your article. I did see the humor with a bit of heart. I think you are a light as a pastor and sorta like those buzzing bug lights that zap ya! Keep up the post!