Are You A Follower of Jesus

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  1. Pastor, I grew up in a church that didn’t require you to get baptized after salvation if you were baptized as a baby. My mom, many years after her salvation (she was about 40 when she accepted God’s free gift of salvation), became convicted by the Lord that she never made public her new life in Christ and requested of my pastor that he “re-baptize” her in front of the church so she could give her testimony and show others her commitment. She was in her sixties! Her sister and close friend joined her. It was a really beautiful moment and now reflecting on the testimonies at her funeral I realize that God gave her a special calling to be an encourager in her church and I believe that her act of obedience to the Lord was part of that. God gave her a great influence on the lives of her church family and many others including mine. My mom was quiet and shy at times and never liked to be in the spotlight. This moment in her life was truly a time for Christ to shine and be proclaimed as the only way of salvation and true change.

  2. Michelle; What a sweet testimony your mother had. Lois and I considered her funeral a personal “revival.” I didn’t know about the baptism, but what they said about her refusal to criticize is something we will think about for many years, I’m sure. I can see your mother’s spirit in you. God bless you today. I’m sure you are missing your mom there in the home. May our Jesus comfort you.