Bad News Baptists or Good News Baptists

Reader Interactions


  1. I love your attitude, I used to belong to s Berean Bible, fundamental Baptist. They were the guys that would be surprised you were there, didn’t take much for them to think one could be a counterfeit Christian. That was sad, the pastor was on target, wonderful public speaker, teacher and expected a lot. I raised my daughters in that church, they enjoyed the awana program, my wife at the time was in the choir and the living Christmas tree I attended regularly night, day, mid week. I was disciplined teaching Take Kwon Do Olympic style martial art from 1978-1996 then my daughters were leaving home and my wife divorced me. What a thankless job that turned out to be, that’s gratitude for ya, at least that’s how I felt. No one in that Church could pull along side to help, instead I was a guy with a problem, good Christian has no problem. That made me a little bitter, I had been practicing ju jits sue and aikido for about 1.5 year’s by the time I was served. That 1.5 year period of time was or did destroy my marriage of 22yr. I was training for UFC for 1996. I fell away and could wright a book on finally finding evangel church I believe in the Trinity have ask Jesus to be my Lord so I believe I’m right where I’m suppose to be. I look forward to becoming a part of your congregation.

  2. I’m a slow learner, but I believe Jesus was continually drawing “unlikely types” into the circle of His light and love.