Be an Inviter

Reader Interactions


  1. Pastor Ken,
    I know exactly the restaurant you are talking about! My sister lives within walking distance of that place and it has always caught my eye. I just never had the opportunity to go in. At least now I’ll know what to order.
    You are so right about Evangel. When Mike and I were first married, I have to admit we tried out the church based on what the facility looked like (even more reason to repair those bricks :)). We wandered from church to church feeling like nomads for our first year of marriage. Oh how I wished someone would have simply told us about the great stuff at Evangel and invited us to come. Thanks for challenging us to invite others.

  2. Hi Pastor Ken! This is Kelsey Armstrong, from Byron Baptist. I know exactly what you are talking about. Those waffles are so delicious; it’s hard to resist the temptation… I work at “The French Laundry.”It’s also very hard to save your money working there :~) I appreciate the reminder to keep inviting people to church, regardless of how many times you have asked them in the past.

  3. Hey Padre!

    I liked this. I really appreciate it now that I am tryi9ng to build a group.

    Love you Dad