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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Carol Kussy, my best friend did the same, they were in the Smokeys and we were in Warrenton, MO working at CEF and she called and told me all about the beautiful sites. I too wonder what she would say now. The streets are gold and there is no pain where she is and most of all she has seen our precious Jesus. She could have taken us with her but we need a righteous death in the Lord’s timing. She died June 25, 2007. Please pray for her family.

  2. I would like to have met Carol. I will someday. You can introduce us. Thanks for commenting. I enjoyed watching the Southern Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia conversation in the foyer last night.

  3. I remember meeting the Shoemakers in the summer of 2004 when the Family Fellowship Bible Church was meeting at the township hall north of Imlay City. Mr. Shoemaker introduced himself (just his name—“Hi, I’m Woody”), asked if our girls were twins (we get that a lot), and talked with us a few minutes about our obvious, upcoming blessing (I was a few weeks away from baby #4’s arrival). He introduced his family and that was that. I remember thinking they sure were a nice family and I hoped they’d come back to the church for another visit. I was surprised when I learned who he was and what his position was. He could have introduced him as “Mr. So-and-so, president of Such-and-such College,” as many Christian leaders often do. His humility made an impression on us. His good name follows him.
    God bless!

  4. The older I get and start to understand a few things about life, the more I respect the man Mr. Shoemaker is, the vision he has, and the things he trying to accomplish.

  5. You’re a good man, Josiah. I hope we can all have coffee and take in a session of the conference together next week, if possible. Could you look into taking in an evening session or something?

  6. Maybe I’ll give you a call here in a day or so, I’m also trying to convince Chuk that we wants to come check out Rochester for a couple days…we’ll see how it all sorts itself out. I’d love to see all you guys, swap stories, and down some high quality dark roast coffee. I’ll take a look at the conf. schedule tonight.

    God bless.

  7. It has been very interesting to have a Google Alert for Blogs on “Kansas Flint Hills!”
    Yours came up today!
    We have a 22 county Flint Hills Tourism Coalition, Inc. promoting visits to the Kansas Flint Hills — this is the website:
    Our web site is to promote the Kansas Flint Hills; and we were so happy to be in the 22 page color photo spread in National Geographic’s April Issue on the Kansas Flint Hills, as a distinctive landscape. We are now working to get the Kansas Flint Hills designated as a National Heritage Area.

    We would appreciate a link from your site, to ours, if you are willing to do so. THANKS!
    Best wishes!

    Bill 😉

    Personal Blog: