Bittersweet Farm Journal | August 1, 2022 | Who Needs You?

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  1. What a smile-inducing post you’ve shared!
    God is so good to send people your way who need spiritual food and end up getting a generous does of that as well as fried chicken, corn and a table of full of desserts.

  2. Ken, As I read your article I thought of what a soul-winning New Testament church should look like. Praise: It looks like Bethel. Oh, how young people need to be confronted by holy, pure, exciting truth–just like the Bible presents. Thank God Almighty, you guys are on the cutting \edge for Him.
    Bye for now, Dad

  3. I love it THE Ken Pierpont comments on the site. Love you so much Dad. Thank you for teaching me to care about the souls of people.

  4. Sandi. I always love hearing from you. Thanks for reading and sending the tear-jerker about Kentucky from Sean of the South.

  5. Wonderful to hear that God is working in His church.
    I have a silly question, what is Scalloped Corn?

    Evelyn; Scalloped corn is a baked dish sometimes called corn casserole make with canned corn, canned cream style corn, jiffy corn mix or corn meal with sugar, and sour cream…. and you have had it at every carry-in dinner in A-hia when you were growing up. -Ken Pierpont