Bittersweet Farm Journal | January 8, 2022 | Hardships of Winter

Reader Interactions


  1. How precious that was and My memories could be multiplied over and over again with stories of the love of each child and grandees. Oh thank you Lord and His servant Ken for helping us have even more memories… written in books. Amazing stories that we can enjoy and even share with our friends and loved ones.

    Thank you Ken for the box of books to share.


  2. I love this post, partly because you’re such a gifted writer that the reader can envision from your descriptions precisely what’s taking place, even the weather. Bella’s lost teddy bear incident is so like us: The Lord is willing to go to great lengths to woo us into His kingdom. Even one lost soul is very important to Him.
    Have an abundantly blessed day, Ken and family!

    P.S. How old is that typewriter that Aiden was gazing at? Had he ever seen one before?

  3. Hey Sandi. That is not an old typewriter. It is a state-of-the-art bluetooth keyboard made to look and feel like and old typewriter. It is called Qwerkywriter keyboard. Cook, eh?

  4. Thanks, Mom. Keep writing your observations from the window. They are fun to read. The snow sounds beautiful–from inside.