Bittersweet Farm Journal | June 23, 2021 | Camp Patmos

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  1. I feel the same way about snakes. I am petrified of them. I have had 2 encounters with a copperhead this summer. Not what I like to do at all. Thank the LORD my husband was outside when I saw the first one. He killed it and as he was taking it to the woods with a hoe…. he thought it fell off the hoe but, it was another one. He killed it as well. Then I was such mowing grass and one was in the yard. Needless to say I left the mower were it was and have not push mowed again. I can not enjoy going outside without someone being out there.

  2. Thanks for the smiles and beautiful photos. Hope’s comment is a gem. But we must never surrender our home place to the snakes of this world!

  3. Charlotte… now a Copperhead… that is another story. I would be nervous about that. Yipes.

    Kristyn… you are right, Hope is a gem like her comment and we must never, never despair and surrender to the “snakes.”

  4. Please tell Lois that I’m on her side regarding fear of snakes, or ANY kind of reptile like that! One night I made the mistake of walking barefoot out to the garage to fetch a box, and stepped on something cold and slimy that wiggled. With just enough light shining from the inside hallway to realize I had stepped on a snake, I screamed so loud you probably heard me all the way up there in Michigan! Honestly, I thought I might faint flat on my face. Apparently the snake had crawled inside the garage earlier when the door was raised after I pulled in to unload groceries from the car trunk. I’m delighted that Lois will get a first floor laundry room thanks to that snake in your washing machine!
    The color photos of Camp Patmos are absolutely gorgeous! Who wouldn’t love being there? God bless your day!

  5. I was one of the campers up there I hope you remember the story I told you I enjoyed reading this god bless you stay safe ken