Bittersweet Farm Journal | March 25, 2021 | Too Late

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  1. Holy Spirit prompts me often to pray for Heidi, and now I have added her two beautful children to these prayers.
    Thank-you for sharing Doc Bracy’s story. Every parent who has lost a child can truly identify with his words of wisdom, and having lost my youngest son suddenly and tragically when he was only 13, Doc Bracy’s reminder to spend as much time with our children as possible and love them while we can is such wonderful advice. We just never know what tomorrow may bring.
    I enjoyed listening to him talk about Jackson Christian School, and oh, what a privilege those students and faculty members are blessed with, to be free to talk about Jesus and His goodness on campus!
    Blessings to the entire Pierpont family,
    Sandi in Florida

  2. Hi Ken,
    Dr. Bracey’s story is sadly beautiful. Makes me remind myself to tell you how very much you and Lois and all of yours mean to me. And my world is richer for having read your writings and experiencing your love. Thank you so much. -Dad

  3. The same goes for your spouse…. I lost my spouse in 2007. The one I prayed for for 5 years before my first date . The one I dated for 3 years to make sure he was the “One” the Lord had sent for me … we were to grow old together . Someone I had hoped to enjoy grandchildren with . Someone I had hoped to spend retirement with and travel with here on this earth!
    The Lord had other plans for us… we had returned from a 10 year anniversary trip just 3 days before he collapsed outside from a heart attack… my world as I knew it forever changed. I was left to raise our beautiful daughter of just 2 1/2 years old at the time.
    Love your spouse like today will be the last day you get to talk , walk , hold hands and share life with you never know when the Lord will decide it’s their time ….. let the little things go and cling to what really matters. Don’t take for granted you have someone next to you to spend this life with . For one day – one second – it’s gone !