Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 2) You Need a Plaid Couch

Reader Interactions


  1. Thank you for sharing this inspiring and encouraging story of how our God is always at work. It ministered to me greatly!

    Keep sharing, Ken!

    P.S. Lois, your decorating is awesome!

  2. Ken:

    I am always encouraged when I hear a podcast or read a story from you. I am thankful for your heart…always open to the bounty of God. We all need a plaid couch in life!

    Larry Seawell

  3. Larry; So good to hear from you. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. They mean a lot to me. I’m writing about book the will be of interest to people who love Christian camping. I will let you know about it. Best to you and yours and the ministry of Skyview.