Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 5)

Reader Interactions


  1. I’m grateful for this reminder. May the Lord make me the answer to someone’s prayer this day.

  2. I missed such an opportunity yesterday. And it turned out to be the worker who had spent all day installing tile in our bathroom, being remodeled. His truck had stalled driving out of Concord on M-60, and I passed by enroute to another engagement, hoping whoever it was would find help. And I found out this morning he did get the help he needed, but was delayed two hours after a long day of work and anxious to get back home. Then, on top of that, he needs to put his dog down after days of sickness. Sometimes you just don’t know the burdens people are carrying who serve you from day to day. And so my prayer tonight is for that man, and the thousands of other people who live lives of what Henry David Thoreau called “quiet desperation.” May our Lord, who wept over Jerusalem and the ancients of that city who lived lives of similar desperation, show His face and His grace to such as these. They – we all – need the Lord. Thanks for a thought-provoking reflection, brother Ken.

  3. Ken, thank you for your story… help us walk in the Spirit, right so we will see things the way God sees them.

  4. Dave; Great to hear from you. I think of you often and thank God for your help to my precious son, Chuk. You were an answer to my prayer for him.