Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 71) Big News!

Reader Interactions


  1. WOW!! Congratulations to you all. Beautiful ring!!

    GOD BLESS you as you start your new life in the near future.

  2. I am so happy for Hope America, she is such a beautiful young lady, beautiful ring too! I appreciate your story about feeding the birds, they are beautiful creatures. For many years now we have been feeding our neighborhood squirrel, we named Skippy (as in the peanut butter lol) he would come right up to us. But now there’s a new one that visits us his name is Skippy Jr. (he is a little skittish) and everytime we feed him he brings his 2 buddies with him and all the blue Jays dive bomb their peanuts, the squirrels use to run from them but now they just all share the peanuts, it’s a beautiful thing! I feed them faithfully every morning now , since our beloved dog (Shadow) has passed, last September. My neighbor passed away and none of her family wanted her (also old) beloved dog (Whyit), they wanted to give him to Foster care, I couldn’t bear him being with strangers at the end of his life. We use to take care of him alot for her, so we took him and loved him as our own. Well 11 days after Shadow passed Whyit passed unexpectedly and in between that my husband’s brother passed, it was a rough month! Now since I have alot more time on my hands, I look forward to seeing and feeding the squirrels (that God has given us) and the blue Jays. I noticed you got a different phone number, I wrote it down just in case I have to contact you, looking forward to seeing Lois’s beautiful pictures of Hope and Tim! God’s Blessings Always!

  3. Cindy Sharpe–so good to hear from you and read about your Skippy 🙂 Hope you are doing well. Thanks for your kind words and good wishes for Tim and Hope.