Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 83) Summer of ’68

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  1. Thank you, Ken. I am 45 and it is really hard to keep perspective right now. My prayer every day is that good triumphs over evil, not just in the end, but soon. It is a fearful thing to raise children in this world.

  2. Great story, Brother Ken, to help us have the right perspective on all that is going on. Thanks for writing this for us.

  3. Thank you sincerely for putting current negative events in proper perspective, Ken. These are trying times for all.
    I always relish reading about your childhood. Those were refreshing, innocent days when life seemed like a safe haven compared to today’s world. We can rest peacefully knowing that the Lord is still in sovereign control and nothing escapes His watchful eye.
    God bless you and your fine family,