Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 87) Without Hope

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  1. Pray for husband Bob Wilson. Retaining water again. Hospital to drain again.
    I’m in therapy twice week for Osteoarthritis of left knee. Painful. Extending therapy.
    Wish all this mess would just go away. I need more fun in my life!
    See you Sunday from sofa.
    The Other Lois

  2. PRAYING!!!

    We would appreciate all Prayers for our kids and grandkids to surrender to the LORD.

  3. I will pray for your family. ? My continual prayer is that my daughters (23 and 21) would return to Christ. They have no concern for their own souls, though this was not always the case, and they certainly weren’t raised to be that way. If you would say a prayer for them, I would be very grateful.

  4. Thank you, Laura. It’s a bit unspoken right now, but we know our Lord will heart your prayers. Thank you and bless you. –Ken

  5. Kristyn. I have lifted them and you up to the Lord. God draw these dear young women to yourself I pray.

  6. You and your fine family members remain on my prayer list. God knows the details and will work everything out according to His Will.
    Keep on keeping on!

  7. Thank you for what you said in a earlier comment I wrote, I meant to mention, you have a gift for writing, your stories of long ago also bring me back to those days too! The pictures you post are so beautiful, Iam thinking Lois takes them, she is quite the photographer! I really enjoy seeing them! I used to be able to follow you on Instagram, but since I would have to sign in to follow you now, I no longer can, i miss it so, 1st I wouldn’t even know how, and 2nd I choose not to go on social media for personal reasons. I was sad for you and Lois to hear Hope will be taking Hazard with her when she marries, but at the same time happy for Hope (assuming that he was her dog but I don’t know.) Then you both will totally be empty nester’s, that was a very hard time when it was our turn to go through that, probably because he was our only child. You and your family do so good for others (me included)!) Until next time, you and your family are always in my prayers, God’s Blessings always, take care and stay safe!