Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 88) Tomatoes and People

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  1. I hope your tomato plants yield such a bountiful crop that you’ll be asking friends and neighbors to take some before the squirrels eat them! There is no tastier sandwich than a BLT = my favorite.
    Be bold and blessed,
    Sandi in FL.

  2. So blessed. Read your book. It was given to me by my daughter in Michigan. A coworker of hers gave it to her to read after she finished it. The coworker was a former parishioner of yours. I do enjoy getting your posts. Thank you and Gods blessings from Southwest Fla.

  3. Ken,
    Beware that Walnut trees (roots) secrete a chemical that doesn’t allow much to grow beneath them. If the plants struggle, it may be the fault of the tree and not the gardener.

    Your the Best!,