Bittersweet Farm Journal (Number 99) Christmas in A World of Hurt

Reader Interactions


  1. Great story. Things could have been better for Andy if he wasn’t a drunk. Yes, it is a very sad and broken story.
    This was your sermon Sunday and nice to read today.
    Lois Wilson

  2. Drinking and drunkeness has ruined many Christmases for many families. Hate and bitterness have also caused such disappointment and sadness during the holidays. Let us look to the blessed star of Bethlehem and share its story and the gospel in such a dark and hurting world. Thank you, Pastor , for reminding us that sometimes our neighbors live in such darkness.

  3. I am encouraged each time I open my email and read another portion of your life. Even if there were no pictures, my mind could envision your little white farmhouse, your personal study upstairs over the garage/barn and the surrounding fields. Your love for others spills out all over the pages of your journal. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Father in heaven. We’re building bridges and sending up timbers every day. My life verse is Matthew 5:16 with a little editing. ‘Let your light shine so others may see the way’.