Bittersweet Farm (Number 101) Writing Shorts

Reader Interactions


  1. Pastor Ken,

    I’m learning not to start reading anything you write without having a box of Kleenex handy. Thanks for the tears and the fireside chat! God bless you and yours, I pray!

  2. I really enjoy hearing about the nature all around Bittersweet Farm (I really love God’s nature too!) I never use to like reading, because I really couldn’t understand or comprehend what I was reading, but about 4 years ago since I surrendered my life and my will to the the Lord, He has given me the desire to read and understand and comprehend what I am reading. Needless to say I read a lot now, and I have been able to purchase 2 of your latest books (not sure if you remember but I have your first 2 also.) I really enjoy your stories, they are so encouraging, inspiring and they give lots of hope to me and for a hurting world! I have purchased a lot of books over the years from Christian book stores and from Christian programs I have watched for many years but really didn’t do much reading back then, but now I feel so very blessed to have them all. Now I can catch up, I have been learning so much! Hope this new year blesses you and yours and that you all stay safe and healthy! With Much Love and God’s Blessings Always to you and yours! Sincerely, Cindy Sharpe