Reader Interactions


  1. Pastor and Lois,

    As I recall when I took my daughter to college for the first time, I experienced several different feelings. One of, “I’m going to miss her so much (she is my youngest) and one of humble pride that she had accomplished her goal in high school and was moving on to the next step in her life. I pray for her daily, because little did I know how much the worldly college courses in the sciences would profoundly affect her views. It saddens me, but because I know the Lord hears my prayers and knows my heart, I am encouraged. She is a wife and mother now and often times things come full circle and children return to their roots. I was not saved when I raised my children. Albeit they were raised to know God in the Lutheran church. In Katie’s head she know’s Him. However, in her heart she does not. She has often told me that “I’m glad it works for you mom, but it doesn’t for me”. I am not discouraged however and I continue to pray and I thankfully ask you to do the same. I read with great happiness your news about Daniel and Hannah. You are very blessed to know that they are safe in the arms of Jesus while away from their family.

  2. Kyle, they will love Rockford. We should go together with CK to the West Cannon deal late in September and make a day of it.

    Diane, thanks for sharing your heart. Our children drive us wonderfully to our knees. God has a wonderful way of tugging our kids hearts back to Him. Maybe her children will lead her into a deeper knowledge of Christ.