Deep Trouble in the Heart of Our Nation

Reader Interactions


  1. Pastor,

    It was very reassuring to me to read this article in which you point out exactly what is going on in our nation. Our leaders have a goal in mind and we are watching the bible unfold before our very eyes. As a member of Evangel, I have long prayed that our ‘leader’ would speak to these very events from the pulpit. We are a country founded on Godly principals and faith. The great men who wrote our constitution never backed off from their beliefs and stood bold and firm. The people of this nation need to hear this in our nation’s churches. Some pastor’s do, but most don’t. They need to hear how these times in our history are real and prophecy is being fulfilled. There is no denying it. None of us knows the day or the hour of Jesus’ return but the bible tells us to watch for the signs and wait on Him. There is an urgency in our nation and its’ people need to realize this and kneel before the Lord God Almighty in repentance and accept Him before it becomes ‘too’ late. Prayerfully, I urge you to insert in your sermons the same message as you wrote here today.

    Love in Christ,