Fewer Meetings-More Ministry

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  1. Thank you Ken for this article and I have so many questions…. I am burdened but have trouble with giving up what the new Christian needs.

    I am sure others do too.

    Certainly a valid concept, I can see the reaching out with such groups, yet the church is becoming so weak spiritually and most do not even know how to lead a soul to Christ in their group outside of the church. Most are not discipling there own children. What is the solution. Can we give up the meetings that train?

    I am sure that some of these who are breaking out of the “same old same old” perhaps have ideas about how to be sure the babes in Christ get fed and still can reach out…

    This is surely a difficult day in which to live and reach out. We need true soul winning and discipleship along with loving people…. and living before them.

    We need a plan to get these who need to know what the Word teaches and instill a burden for the lost and being careful not to “through out the baby with the bath water” so to speak…

    I so want to reach others for Christ and that is what I try to do from my computer since I can’t go anymore and not many are coming in to the church….

    Lord help us and give us wisdom.

    Thanks again…. my wheels are really turning….. 🙂

  2. Mom;

    I thank God every single day of my life that you raised me to serve the Lord, and you modeled serving the Lord every, single, day of my life. That is all I want to do and, Lord, helping me that is all I will ever do.

    What I am pointing at in my article here is exactly what you are saying–training people to be intentional and pro-active and learn to lead people to Christ and disciple. Them. Here at the church this weekend we are having a Good Soil training to train over 50 people how to have one-on-one and group gospel conversations.

    What I am pushing-back against in the article is when people lose their sense of purpose and end up “going through the motions” without really making disciples or winning souls.

    Thanks so much for your faithful teaching, soul-winning, Christian counsel and compassion and daily Christ-like living.

    I want to be the guy who puts up the tent down the street. I want to be the guy who tells the sweet story of Jesus to the little girls who are growing up in a troubled home. I want to be the guy who came up with the fresh way to tell the old, old story…

    …but you are my mom. You already knew all that.

    I love you, Mom. 🙂