Garrison Just Doesn’t Get It

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  1. It’s a great piece of humor, and I have experience both misery and ecstasy in the wild.

    Lois, I would love to airlift you for one night to the rocky point where one night last summer we slept on a fragrant bed of pine needles, listened to the call of the loons and the gentle lapping of the water, and fell asleep to the sound of our crackling fire dying to embers.

    Kyle, I often pray that Garrison will have an awakening of the knowledge of God and an enlightenment in his heart so that he will be able to sort out truth from error in the things that were a part of his youth. He is a funny man, a great storyteller, and, I hope one day, a full heir to the saving grace of God.

  2. I’m on your side for sure Mr. Pierpont! Remember the Journey to the Heart trip we were on? Pure bliss, wish we could do it again soon! 🙂