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  1. Congrats from Louisville,Kentucky!! What a blessing he is as our Travis(5),and Caroline(3) are to us!!!

  2. Awwwww….!!! I love HIm. I got to hold him alot today. I love him so much and can’t wait to visit him again. I will be home with my pictures soon and post a slide show. God is so amazing!!!

  3. How sweet is that video
    he such a sweet little baby
    Praise the Lord for all His goodness.
    love you grandpa

  4. What a beautiful baby !
    How proud you must all be of this precious gift from God!
    A very exciting time for first time grandparents too!
    I well remember the birth of our first grandchild a 2 lb premmie who is now 20 years old and has just finished her first year at Bible College.
    We have 13 grandchildren and recently our first great grandchild was born as well
    Just enjoy every minute with them all
    Blessings Caro in Ontario Canada

  5. Thank you for the email and to see you and your wife with your darlin grandbaby . What a bless from the Lord.
    When you spoke of Mosquitoes, l lol cause here in maine ther say ther so big they will carry you away.And we sure have alot of them .God Bless you and your family and hope things will turn out for you in grace of the lord . Hes and Awesome God. in his name ella . We been having alot rain so the bugs will be gettin bigger and then they will carry us away lol.

  6. thanks so much for the email and the picture of your darling grandchild, the lord is great lord and loving and caring bless you all ,

  7. Kyle is a perfect gift from God. He is fearfully and wonderfully made and is so blessed to be born into a family who loves, trusts and has deep faith in our Lord and Saviour. I pray protection over Kyle’s mind, body and soul each and every day of his life. In Jesus precious and wonderful name. Amen,
    Congratulations to you all from Bahrain in the Middle East. The video was lovely, thank you for sharing this joyous time with us all.