Harold E. Kohn

Reader Interactions


  1. I am a librarian in NM and was cleaningout my new (old)library and came across Mr. Kohn’s book Thoughts Afield. I almost put it the discard pile and then decided to start reading it. I am really enjoying the book. Then I found something even more interesting, a hand written poem/prayer by Mr. Kohn. I read one passage everyday to remind me of how I spend my time.

    Lord of the timeless waters
    That were here before man was here
    Grant me unhurried calm
    Let not the busy beating of the seconds
    quicken the tempo of my living
    so that I become more of a clock
    than a man
    Let no awareness of swiftly passing moments
    make me forgettable of everlasting thins
    and the Everlasting One

  2. That is a treasure, Kim. I’ve had some contact with some of Mr. Kohn’s family. They seem like good folk. I love reading his books.

  3. Have you read Harold’s book, “Reflections”? I notice you did not have it on your list.

    I am a collector of W. Phillip Keller’s books. You would love his books, too!!


  4. A Touch of Greatness is a wonderful read. Harold puts things into a wonderful perspective and the woodcuts add to the treasure of this book. I found the book in my basement and started to read it. It is a treasure and an enjoyable to read. It will bless you!

  5. It was his book “A Touch of Greatness” that first caught my attention. Marvelous. In 2001 I was in Petoskey MI looking for a desk for the church office. I was talking with a man there who was from Charlevoix. I mentioned our author friend and asked if he had ever heard of him. He smiled, “Yes, I married his daughter.” A delightful conversation about this fine author followed.

  6. I have many of Mr. Kohns books. I as well found my first Thoughts Afield at a garage sale. I think I have most of them now , from other sales and eBay.
    I read and re read. Love.