Heart Food

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  1. Check out who published Phillip Gulley’s books…Enjoyed reading this! (also from Ohio and farming roots in KY! We go to a church in the country so have many farming friends….When we went there 25 yr.s ago from a city church, it was interesting to hear how they prayed for rain, or for the rain to stop, etc. in relation to how the crops were doing….and I loved it! I had never paid that much attention to the weather before!)

  2. I too grew up in Ohio (Akron area) and my paternal grandparents had a farm in Birmingham (a very small 2 horse town in Amish land). Summers there were wonderful, lazy, fun, and full of the same great nourishing food you talk about in your book. Thank you for bringing back all those memories. Love the book so far, praying that you will be able to get it published, would love to have a copy!

  3. Ken I tried really hard to collect all the chapters from your newsletters but I think I missed a couple….have you managed to get it published yet? I have been told that there is a place at Amazon where you can get a book published by them at a very reasonable price…you must do all your own editing I think. I have recently received a Kindle so am looking forward to purchasing yours and other similar books from Amazon to download onto it- just need the time to learn the knack!
    praying for your success