How A Man Can Have a Lasting Influence

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  1. Pastor Pierpont,

    Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and for reminding us of the vital importance of the Gospel. It is the sine qua non of the Christian life. For too long I have been woefully negligent of the Gospel, thinking that it is just the “Good News” and what I needed to become a Christian instead of seeing that it is THE very main thing that we must be gripped with and thrilled by for the rest of our lives and beyond.

    Yet, I cannot be truly gripped by the Gospel unless I see Him for who He really is and also see me for who I really am. If I think of my sin as not that big of a deal or if I see my need for a savior as a nice bonus to add to what I have done then I see myself as bigger than I really am and I see Him as smaller or less than He is. Your quote of Eph. 2 puts this all in right perspective.

    To think that God Almighty, who is immense and limitless and knows all things, who has no equal and knows no limits to his power, who speaks and the universe is formed ex nihilo; this very God made provision for a debauched sinner (me) to be in relationship with Him. Not because of anything that I did but only because of what He has done to redeem me. That can only humble me and amaze me and cause me to worship and glorify and serve Him. Wow!!

    Thank you for preaching this great message to such a needy audience like me. May the Lord amaze us and regularly grip us afresh with The Gospel.

    Your Friend, Michael