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  1. Very Good!! I like this article I should read more of her books 🙂 I am always happy when someone fiathfully proclaims the Name of the Lord not just when things are bad but when, like you said, you have a spotlight that’s when the real test is I think sometimes….

  2. Thank you for the link. I enjoyed listening to her and appreciated her testimony. She’s an author I really enjoy reading as well.

  3. I’m thinking you might want get a link to Kyle’s site…..I found it for the first time the other day and thought it was pretty awesome.

  4. I checked out At Home in Mitford from the local library, and have started reading it. Excellent. I hope to listen to the lecture online soon.

  5. Ken,
    Many thanks for the lovely piece on Janice Meredith (my full Christian or “given” name) Wilson (my maiden surname). It was brought to my attention by a friend. I agree with you enthusiastically, that we can all have our National Cathedral moment at the lunch table, in the grocery store, wherever we may be–there are tens of thousands of opportunities, all the time, to speak of the One Who gave us life, and life again. One must be easy in oneself to do this, as I think it must be done with great confidence and a sweet spirit, and, especially, good humor. Everywhere I go, I find people starving to hear about His love, mercy and grace, including the most secular and “sophisticated.”
    Blog on, good brother.

  6. As you can imagine, I am thrilled to have Jan Karon’s comment here on my humble blog. If you see me today you will notice there is a special spring in my step. Thank you, Jan for taking time to visit my little outpost in blogdom…. 🙂

  7. Dear Brother Ken,
    I just finished reading the last of the Mitford books and I thought last night that I should go to your archives and listen again to Jan Karon’s talk at the National Cathedral. Imagine my surprise when I checked your site today and found this! Thought it was great that Jan sent you the comments. You are really being blessed ‘buddyroe’.

  8. Hi Ken,

    Good insight into this dear lady’s courage and conviction to speak of Christ in the world’s showcase auditorium. How gratifying to have her respond with understanding. Pardon me for ignorance of this thing. I’m just getting acquainted with the medium, or whatever you call it. Love -Dad

  9. Neat-o! I love the Mitford books. I always read them when I am in need of something to make me smile… that and the Anne books. :o)

  10. Ken,
    I’m a recent newcomer to the Mitford series Audio books, as I have been making tracks between MI and NC. I’ve really enjoyed them. Jan Karon’s post doesn’t surprise me a bit. I’ve always thought your writing and speaking as a unfound treasure.
    As always……
    Your friend,

  11. Janice, I am an old friend of Barry & Randys, I would to talk to them and see them again, My father was Roy Good. We thhink of Barry often. If you could givr him a message and my e-mail address please. The last time I saw him was at my brothers funeral. I didn’t have a chance to talk with him. If you could give him this message please My e-mail is [email protected] Thank You and God Bless you.

  12. Jan,
    I plan to hear and see you in Bristol,TN. on April 23,2012 and to purchase a book that I don’t have.I am excited to see you then,as we are kin through the Bush family in Lenoir.I go there alot and to the reunions.Your grandmother’s father was a brother to my great=grand mother Sarah Bush.love a cousin,
    Jan Teinert

  13. Help, My wife of 50 yrs+ (now passed) introduced me to Ms. Karon’s books some 15-20 yrs.ago. Addicted ever since. I had a few years hiatus while I was busy tending my wife during her bout with Alzheimers, but have returned to the (Karon) fold. I would have loved to have heard her presentation at the Cathedral, but missed it. Your link (above) has not survived the passage of time, or at 78yrs. my computer skills have deserted me. If you still monitor this site, and know of any way that I might be able to retrieve the lecture of Jan on 12/6/05 I would be indebted to you. Whether yea or nay, I do pray that our Lord will grant you the ability to continue to spread His Word. God Bless.


  1. […] If you like a clean, cozy, edifying, artful read you probably already know about Jan Karon. Jan Karon’s new novel, In The Company of Others (Isn’t that a nice title?), is available in bookstores tomorrow. This one is worth lining-up for. You can read chapter one here. The story is set in Ireland and starts out with a storm. I’ve written about Jan Karon before. […]