Just Being

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  1. I thought about what you wrote here last night. We had gone out to run and I was sitting in my dad’s car with the door open waiting for him to finish his workout. It was one of those perfect late summer evenings – 75 degrees, sunny, and a soft cool breeze. I looked out across the beautiful pines and the perfectly manicured golf course. I heard the falling water from a nearby pool and the thump of tennis balls releasing off the racquets of those playing on the courts to my left. And there, for a few minutes I just was. Frankly, it had been a bit of a discouraging day and then to come outside, to run (and break my short loop PR 🙂 ), and then just to sit and be, what a gift of love from my heavenly Father. If you’re ever on your way west or something you should stop by for a day or two. I think you’d like it.

    May God bless you today.