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  1. We love lilacs too. My birthday is in May, and every year my mother had me stand in front of a lilac bush for my birthday picture. :o) Moms are that way. (I am now, too, with three lilac bushes to take pictures of.)

    Last night we listened to your “Grand Master Key” sermon. It blessed and challenged all of us, from the little guys to Mom and Dad. Several months ago we heard a sermon that “warned” against letting unbelievers know God loved them until they realized how sinful they were. It rubbed me the wrong way because it was God’s love that changed my life and made me run to Him. When I dwell on sinful me, I am more inclined to draw into myself and want to be alone in my miserable state. I can remember the day I was made aware of God’s love for me personally, just as I was, a rebel, with nothing to offer Him… December 1, 2000! Loving Him back was all I had to do, and my life changed without having to try so hard (and fail anyway).
    Praise God, and thank you for your message.