Keeper of the Story | Bittersweet Farm Journal | December 3, 2022

Reader Interactions


  1. It always brightens my day to read your most recent Bittersweet Farm journal issue!
    Merriest Christmas to you and your fine family as we celebrate the greatest, most important birth this world has ever known. Remember that JESUS is the gift that perfectly fits the size of every heart.
    Best wishes for a memorable, healthy and abundantly happy 2023.

  2. I love your God-given nature to tell stories. Your stories are so visual. Thank you for enlighting my day and Heart! May you and your families Hearts be blessed!

    Donna: Thanks for writing. We miss you all. Glad we can keep in touch this way.

  3. As a fellow grinder of coffee and Michigander, I recommend you try Kroger’s whole bean Kona Blend. I love Hawaii’s coffee, and their’s is an accessible and decent facsimile.
    As a fellow daily walker and adherent to “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær”, I encourage you to keep refining your gear – you’ve nailed it when you start cold and end warm w/o overheating. And each session is a new challenge.
    Finally I’m reading your story about storytelling as I prepare to worship this morning and appreciate how it’s preparing me to hear His story today. Thank you and Godspeed!

  4. Sandi… can you believe we are headed to Florida next month… .Thanks for your kind words. I always look forward to them.