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  1. Very well spoken, Ken. This is what I prayed for you and your sibblings. “…do all to the glory of God.” This is what I want for myself too. I want to honor my Savior…. and this has to come from each individual heart eventually.
    Go to


    and ask them to send you a complimentary copy of their magazine and then read the aritcle entitled “Quit Telling Me I’m Normal” by Cary Schmidt. Good article.. you will like.


  2. Hey you should just write Mr Gothard’s book on dress! or maybe I’ll give you some publicity and include your article…

  3. Ken,

    I sure appreciate you weighing in on such a practical matter. I know all too well how much work there is still to do even after we have cleaned everything up on the outside to comply with the most strict of standards. In fact, the emphasis of cleaning the outside first is a backward principle and is not a work of the Spirit.

    Keep walking closely to Him and sharing your thoughts with us. Thanks.

  4. “This is about heart-fellowship with the Living God.”
    Our main purpose as parents is to convey this principle to our children, I agree !