Maurice’s Prayer

Reader Interactions


  1. Praise the Lord!

    We live on the top to a hill in Jonesville, MI and we hardly ever have to rake leaves because they all blow away.

    One day we returned home from one of my many surgeries and your dad pulled up top-side to let me out and there were leaves all over the yard.

    Somewhat suprised to see them I said… “Lord, It’s time for you to rake the leaves..” and within just a few minutes a strong wind began to blow the leaves.

    It was so beautiful, when I looked at the side yard the leaves were running down the hill like a crowd of little children all crowed together in the valley and they didn’t stop until they reached the back fence of the churches eight acres. Soon the raking was finished and I praised the Lord because I know how much Dad had to do and raking leaves was not his favorite.

    He even answers our prayers before you can voice them.

    “Isn’t He Wonderful”

  2. P.S.
    Lord, we have some really big prayer request in our family and you know Lord what we need and we praise you that the answers are on the way….

    “Wings As Eagles”
    Psalm 91